HS Writing Workshops

MINING THE MUSE: Adolescent Writing Workshops conducted by Molly Moynahan-Certified English teacher, Prize-Winning Author, MFA-Fiction Writing.


I. Writing the “Pitch Perfect” College Admission essay: For High School Juniors in the Spring, College Seniors in the Fall: Creative Writing Exercises, brainstorming, focusing, organizing, writing, revising. Fun, Effective, Necessary. Original material & Exercises to reveal the authentic voice.


II. Prompts: How to Answer them effectively and keep your self-respect. ACT/SAT Essays-Beyond the Formulaic. Persuasive Essay Bootcamp.


III. Finding your Voice: A Creative Writing Workshop to support Academic Essay Writing. How to keep a journal so you can get rid of filler. How to write a thesis statement that doesn’t suck, how to revise, edit, proofread your own writing. How to write a literary essay and maintain your sanity. What to read to make you a better writer. What to write so people will pay attention!