The Teacher's Way

The Teacher’s Way represents my conviction that writing can change lives. At-risk students are given the message that college will bring them success but they are often poorly prepared to adequately represent their own accomplishments. The Teachers Way represents a resource for parents, teachers and students, by providing superior coaching for individual students, writing workshops for large groups and professional development for educators.

I am a veteran writing coach, high school and college English Instructor, an award winning novelist and passionate advocate for supporting students, teachers, administrators and parents in their mutual hope for improving student achievement. I have extensive experience with high achieving, at-risk, adult and college learners. As a consultant I offer concrete curriculum material and strategies that align with the standards. The Teacher’s Way will improve college admissions essays, ACT writing and provide educators with new methods to inspire excellence.

Writers write with power and precision when they identify with their material and use their authentic voices. We start our children on the road to literacy with fairy tales, myths, song and poetry but soon they are bombarded with thesis statements, rubrics and the message that writing is hard and their writing is inadequate. As a writer and a teacher I am able to use writing strategies to enchant, persuade and weave the “living dream” described by John Gardner. I am uniquely qualified to create writing focused professional development in a variety of school settings.

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